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families1In the year 1909, Thomas M. Taylor founded the Taylor Funeral Home with his brother, D. Talmage Taylor joined him in 1916. Later, Marvin Taylor joined his two brothers in 1920 in the undertaking business. The business started like many in that time in history as a furniture and undertaking concern. For a short time, the funeral home and furniture business was know as Taylor and Ingham and also was later known as Taylor Brothers and Davis.

The business was located in several downtown Dickson (Main Street) locations. In 1911, the business was operating (according to a lease agreement hanging in the funeral home) at the corner of Main and College where the former Dickson Furniture and Undertaking Co. was located, then Taylor later occupied a location on the East side of Main Street.

families2Partner Tom Taylor died in 1922 and Talmage Taylor became manager. In 1924, Talmage got out of the furniture business to devote full time to the funeral business and in the same year he built the existing building located at 214 North Main Street, at the corner of Murrell Street and Main, across from the first United Methodist Church and First Presbyterian Church. Mr. Taylor received mild criticism at the time for building so far out from the center of activity of Dickson.

Talmage and his wife, Stella Thompson Taylor owned and operated the funeral home until January 1, 1948. The business was then sold to James Woodall and his wife Lilah Pearl Woodall. His brother, Thomas E. (Tom) Woodall and wife, Jean Taylor Woodall (Talmage and Stella's daughter), also bought a partnership in the business at the same time. Mr. Taylor died January 8, 1948. Tom Woodall bought his brother's interest in the funeral home January 1, 1954.

families3In August 1978, the funeral home was incorporated and Robert T. Marvin, Jr. and his wife, Cynthia bought stock in the business. Marvin had been employed at Taylor Funeral Home since 1973. Later in May 1983, the Marvin's became the sole owners in Taylor Funeral Home of Dickson.

The funeral home has a long heritage and had been committed to Dickson County and surrounding areas since 1909. It remains a locally owned and family operated funeral service facility. Throughout the years of changing with the needs of the public, it has maintained its historical value to the community... serving now in the fourth generations of some families. The staff of the funeral home take pride in being of service to our community.

During the days of using horse-drawn hearses, Ike and Nancy Shawl kept the horses shod at their stable on the corner of College Street and Charlotte Street. Talmage was known for riding the "Accommodation" to Kingston Spring, Tennessee when called to attend the dead.

With the changing times, Taylor has gone from a telephone with three digits (212) to one with seven digits (446-2808) and from a total funeral bill of $71.00 to a funeral costing several thousands of dollars. Although the times have certainly changed, we continue what the Taylor brothers started so long ago: a small town undertaking establishment with modern day customs which maintains a historical level of professionalism.


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